Is your tax preparation a yearly headache?

Preparing your own tax return online can be confusing. We use no technical terms or financial jargon so you can understand your entitlements. If you have no deductions then you may qualify for our Simple Tax return rate.

PHAT Returns specialise in tax preparation involving:

  • Varied occupations, e.g. travel agents, teachers, nurses, police officers, truck drivers, wine industry, sommeliers, chefs, trades, and all other occupations.

  • Small business owners, sole traders

  • Rental properties, managed funds, shares

  • Multiple jobs

  • People who have got behind in the lodgement of their tax returns

  • Did you know that having a depreciation schedule for your investment property could get you back thousands extra on your tax return?

Benefits of Going With Us

Broad Tax Preparation Knowledge

Our diverse team of tax specialists are knowledgeable in all areas of tax, and more specifically the occupational deductions available across all industries.

Easy, Time-Saving & Convenient

Most tax agents require you to come into their offices. You save time with PHAT Returns’ over-the-phone bookings. We call you at home or in your office – wherever is convenient for you.

Stress Free

Don’t battle with your tax every year. PHAT Returns gives you the security of dealing with tax preparation professionals.

Complex Tax Specialists

If your tax return involves your small business, sole trading, investments, shares or other factors, we can help minimise your tax payable and maximise your tax benefits.

Tax Advice

We’ll show you how to structure your investments to maximise your tax benefits. We can also advise you prior to property purchases so that you get the best tax outcome.

Extend Your Tax Return Deadline

Don’t panic about missing the tax deadline. PHAT Returns can extend it until May the following year, if required.