Our PHAT Returns tax specialists understand the unique requirements of Defence Force tax.

Did you know..?

  • Travel in your own vehicle for work purposes can be deductible.

  • The Medicare sections are different for Defence Force tax returns, and mistakes could mean you end up owing money.

  • The gear and equipment you purchase for your job can be tax deductible.

  • Some expenses during Officer training or recruit training can be deductible.

  • Not all tax agents know how to handle tax exempt income from deployments.

  • Postings in remote areas of Australia can qualify you for certain tax rebates.

  • Having a depreciation schedule for your investment property could get you back thousands extra on your tax return.

  • If you get behind on your tax returns we can help you catch up in one booking.

  • If you have been medically discharged you could be entitled to a tax offset.

  • Our specialised experience allows us to help Veteran's with their tax returns every year.

Benefits of Going With Us

Defence Force Tax Specialists

We have extensive experience with the Army, Navy and Air Force, across all ranks and specialties.

Over-the-phone Bookings

All tax returns are completed over the phone, so you don’t have to leave your base, ship, course or deployment.

One Tax Agent

Completing tax returns via phone means we’re not limited by locality so you don’t need to change tax agents ever again.

Maximum Returns

We know all the specific deductions for your occupation, so you get a great tax return every year!

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